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How can you start to lose weight?


The 100 Pound War provides an overview of the physical and emotional battles James took while losing 100 pounds. While losing weight, James kept detailed monthly diaries. These diaries can be used as a companion to track how well you are doing every step of the way. Each month, James faced a new challenge as you will.


In Month One, James will show you how he lost 20 pounds in 31 days. He will give you his biggest tips and most important lessons learned in Month One. He provides a weight loss chart so you can compare how well you are doing alongside him. By the end of the first month, James had eliminated the need to use arthritis medicine and pain killers, he learned how to reduce his sugar in-take, lower his carbs and feel more energized. 


Videos included! 


If you or a loved one are struggling to lose weight, this book will be the motivation to embark on the weight loss journey.

Month One Diary

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