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The 100 Pound War 

The Battle from XXXL to L

The 100 Pound War book will show you how to win the weight loss war against the toughest opponent: yourself.

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Buy on Amazon The 100 Pound War Diet Book
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Past Media Appearances

How to lose weight - James Rice discusses the 100 Pound War and his diet advice
Diet and weight loss advice podcast. The 100 Pound War is a fast-paced book that gives advice and questions to support the battle to lose weight.
100 Pound War How to lose weight with James Rice
Ready to lose weight? Listen to author James Rice discuss his weight loss battle and the emotional journey towards losing 100 pounds.
100 Pound War Podcast

"James has had an unbelievable transformation"
Arnold Schwarzenneger


Ready to Lose Weight?

The 100 Pound War is an enjoyable, fast-paced book told through the eyes of James Rice - a 48 year old man who  nearly 300 pounds (135kg) and feeling totally defeated. He was taking 6 pain killers a day. Pre-diabetic. High blood pressure. Arthritis. He barely fit into XXXL t-shirts. He couldn’t get up a ladder to change a light bulb. Walking up and down stairs made him sweat. 

Then he found Trainer Saber and together they won The 100 Pound War. 

The 100 Pound War is an enjoyable, fast-paced book that will inspire you to start your diet and transform your life. 

Two years later, James weighs 151 pounds with a BMI of 16% and the National Body Transformation ​Champion.

How to Lose 100 Pounds

Transform Your Body "Belly" Tour

Belly Tour

Some of the people and celebrities who supported James during his weight loss battle

Darkest Weight Loss Days

James discusses what happened to his body as he went through Sugar Withdrawal. How fast did it happen?

James shares the lowest point of his weight loss journey. It  occurred on Day 14 of his diet. You may be surprised by what almost destroyed his desire to continue losing weight. 

100 Pound War Before and After
100 Pound War Before and After
National Body Transformation Champion

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Excerpt from The 100 Pound War

A year ago, I thought my life was over. Sitting alone at night I would say things to myself like, “I’ve had a good life. If I have a massive heart attack tonight, it’s ok”. I was 48 years old and I was thinking like a man on his deathbed! I’ve got more life to live! More things to do! 

I am here writing to you now weighing in at 171 pounds  with a BMI of 23% after losing 120 pounds. Blood pressure good. Diabetes no longer a threat. Pain pills gone. I just turned 50 years old and I can now keep up with men in their 20s in the gym.

Everyone asks, how did you do it? I wish there was one magical way for each of us to transform our body. There isn’t. Everyone is unique. Everyone will have their own challenges. This book will give you some of my most important lessons on overcoming some of the worst moments during my weight loss journey. Plus some amazing tips and ideas to help you lose the weight. 

Book Excerpt
The First Day of My Diet

“This is a no-holds barred look at weight loss. A must-read for any dieter” 


Brian Song, Personal Trainer

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